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Now accepting Christmas orders! Please place your order before December 12, 2019 (Thursday).

In this coming festive season, give your families and friends a box of our homemade cookies, expressing the love and care deep from your heart. Or treat yourself in a peaceful afternoon with one of our flavorful cookies along with a hot tea, relaxing on the couch in front of a Christmas tree.

Our handmade cookies use only the finest ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial flavoring. They are light on sugar and rich in flavor, then baked to the right perfection.

To place your order, please email your order to

Make your own combination from these cookies and biscotti:
Almond Cranberry Cake
Black Sesame Matcha Cookie
Butter Shortbread
Cardamom Pistachio Cookie
Chocolate Almond Cookie
Classic Shortbread
Cranberry Hazelnut Cookie
Earl Grey Cookie
Best seller! Lavender Shortbread
Best seller! Macadamia Nut Ginger Cookie
Macadamia Nut White Chocolate Cookie
Marble Cookie
Matcha Financier
Parmesan Shortbread
Pineapple Coconut Cookie
Pink Peppercorn Chocolate Cookie
Rosemary Raisin Cookie
Sakura Shortbread
Sandwiched Sugar Cookie
Walnut Crisp
Walnut Sandies
Best Seller! Double Chocolate Walnut Biscotti
Caraway Seed & Rosemary Biscotti
Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti
Chocolate Almond Biscotti
Coffee Walnut Biscotti
Orange Walnut Biscotti

Festive Roasted Nuts Almond Cake w/Dried Apricot & Pistachio Sandwiched Sugar Cookie
Roasted nuts Roasted nuts Sandwiched Sugar Cookie
New lower price! Honey roasted mixed nuts, spiced with sweet paprika and rosemary.
$15 per jar or $10 per bag
Almond cake with dried apricot, pistachio and almond. 
$15 for 18 pcs
Sugar cookie with raspberry jam with real butter, perfect for all-time but especially in Christmas.
$25 for 24 pcs

Stuff your own Xmas afternoon tea
Stuff your own basket with your own choices of cookies, biscotti, tea, jam or anything from our menu.
Christmas Afternoon Tea at Tea Room 22, available everyday from Dec 25 to 31, book your Christmas Afternoon Tea now!



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